Born, raised, living and working in New York, Gregory Moncada is a multi-disciplined visual artist and art industry professional.  Classically trained in Fine Arts in Florence, Italy and a work ethic learned from the streets and the fast paced work environments of New York City, Moncada has had constant involvement in creating and exhibiting art, as well as a hand in behind the scenes art world operations. 

Currently, Moncada works at Christie’s Auction House, in the role of Private Sales Department Art Handler.  This work provides the artist with a literal finger on the pulse of art history and culturally significant works of art.  In the past, Moncada has worked, installing exhibitions, art fairs, and private viewings for world-renowned galleries such as; Koenig Galerie, Blum and Poe, and Jonathan LeVine Gallery.  The knowledge and dexterity obtained daily is transferred into the studio practice and realized in the artwork.

The artwork takes on several forms.  Recently, the artist is working with site specific projection mapped installations and mixed media video collage.  This work aims to engage the viewer in an immersive and sensory experience using new technology to expose Moncada’s fine art sensibilities and aesthetic intuition

Works of art begin with curious exploration and a trust in intuition.  Gathered from the streets, antique stores and flea markets, paper ephemera is acquired as a result of keen observation and good luck. The found materials are stored away to exist as a tangible reflection of history and culture.  Selected content is cataloged and scanned, stripped of their initial intention and prepared for an intervention.  Paint is applied with experimental and gestural movements.  Fluid and active mark making is balanced by rigid directional lines that restore order and focus on the subject.  Obscured but complemented by colorful abstract expressions, reclaimed images transport the viewer to a surreal setting.  By establishing links between beauty and anonymity, passion and intention, Italian heritage and American identity, the finished artwork offers a unique human signal and honest response to society.  

Moncada is both patient and truthful with his work.  The evolution and progression of the artist remain constant and consistent.  The goal is to provide visually satisfying works of art that consider contemporary society and art history and empathy towards the viewer and their visual needs.